Responsive Design

Responsive web design is a website design that adjusts gracefully to fit on desktop, tablet, and smartphone browsers. With the rapidly changing tech environment and the widespread use of mobile devices, responsive web design is an excellent manner to meet your clients where they browse and communicate.

Responsive Stats


Why Responsive Design?

1 . It's a web design best practice

All of our website designs are optimized for mobile devices.  Why?  Statistics.  Major search engines Google & Bing have predicted that by the end of 2014 mobile search will eclipse search volumes of traditional desktop search.  As our client, it's our responsibility to make sure your website is prepared.

2 . One Website, Many Devices

More & more of your potential customers are using their mobile devices, tablets, TV's, and a multitude of other connected devices to search for products & services.  If they can't find you using the device of their choice, they're going to buy from your competitors.

3. Ease of Management

In the past, many companies have had a split personality.  That is, maintaining both a desktop & mobile version of their website.  It becomes a headache to maintain both copies of the site, especially in combination with a targeted SEO or Paid Search campaign.