Brand Analysis and Strategy

A brand is everything your audience knows, thinks, and feels about your organization. It’s based on everything they’ve heard, learned, and experienced about your organization, products, and services. We are experts in helping you clearly understand and define the unique attributes and character of your brand and help you position your organization to motivate and inspire your audiences to engage your products and services. Our unique and proven approach builds awareness, demand, and fanatics that help tell your brand story. Contact us today and tell us about your branding challenge. We’d love to help you take your brand to a new level!

Identity Design & Development

Whether your brand wears a tuxedo or a little red dress, it deserves a great outfit. Consumers remember and choose brands; brands that are memorable; brands that make them feel great! We help with all aspects of branding including identity design and development. Our effort includes developing logos, color palette, digital & print letterhead, envelopes, business cards, print & e-news templates, websites, social media presence, taglines, logo lock-ups, and audio, video, and animation elements of your brand.

Brand Management

When left alone for too long, brands can become outdated. We help you manage your brand over time. Maintaining its identity, but also evolving it to keep it contemporary and relevant.

We help organizations keep their vision statement, brand attributes, values, and all elements of their identity and design inline with changing organization mission and relevant and contemporary to target audiences.

Branding Guides

When multiple vendors are creating assets for your brand, sometimes keeping branding consistent between departments and vendors can get tricky. Brand confusion can drive customers away, and keeping your brand at the forefront is especially important during a new product or service launch. Let Odonnell Company help you develop a Branding Guide to ensure consistent brand quality across all your marketing material.